Reeta Leinonen taiteilija artist

I have always perceived myself as an outside spectator. The starting point of my art is my need to bring to view the things I have noticed around me. I focus my sight near the edges of life, where the silent moments reside.

This shows in my works as an intimate aspect. I am fascinated with social reality, the layers of persona and boundaries. With my art I also express the things I have experienced. By using eyes and faces in my work I am able to convey a wide range of moments in the lives of people.

It is typical for my works to be colorful and rich. I enjoy the effect that opposites create and I generate that result for example utilizing coarse line with more subtle brushwork.

My choice of materials varies but my main technique is painting. Painting in itself is an interesting subject and I have come to notice my brushwork becoming more simplified. The brushstrokes are an interesting study subject in their own right.

During the early stages of my education I concentrated creating believable illusions of form, but during my time abroad in United States, my style went through a drastic change. A teacher stated that I was drawing humans as one would draw a chair. I understood that my work was too mechanic and technical neglecting the aspect of emotion.

Nowadays I have largely abandoned absolute realism and my works have become more two-dimensional. My technique has been liberated and I feel that I can do more simplistic work. My works are typicly tightly cropped which occasionally gives them a more abstract feeling. Despite this almost all my pieces are presentative and they contain a human figure.

As a painter I am like a photographer capturing glimpses and moments of life. I am not trying to say anything definite through my work, I only bring forth what I have perceived. My art concentrates in the ordinary, the aesthetics of life and honest emotion, all from my point of view.